Life Literacy

Life literacy signals the importance of lifelong and life-wide literacy and learning. It’s the literacy skills you need to live your life and the new skills you need to acquire throughout your life. Workplace, family and community are important areas in your life where developing your reading, writing and math skills can result in a more productive and more successful life experience.


September is Life Literacy Month! ABC Life Literacy Canada encourages all Canadians to try something new this month, whether it be going back to school, upgrading your skills or learning a new activity.

Facts and Research

Read about literacy facts, statistics and the benefits of investing in literacy programs.


ABC Life Literacy Ambassadors came together to help focus attention on the literacy cause. Each Ambassador has a connection to the cause and belief in the power of Canadians to join them on a learning journey.


ABC Life Literacy Canada presents two annual awards to honour excellence in the areas of community literacy and workplace education.

The Canada Life Literacy Innovation Award

Recognizes a community organization that has developed, implemented and delivered an innovative literacy program.

Dr. Alan Middleton Workplace Literacy and Learning Award

Recognizes an individual or organization for their outstanding achievement in workplace literacy and essential skills.

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