Introducing the ‘Wellness Together’ webinar series

Join us for a lunch and learn-style webinar series focused on you and your family’s wellness. Part of the Activate Learning program, we’ll explore topics related to self-care, financial well-being, and health advocacy all the while providing engaging activities for the children in your household! What’s more, there will be a random draw each session for two lucky participants to win a $25 Gift Certificate!

Register here to join us for our six-week session beginning February 7, 2022. Sessions will take place from 10:30 to 11:45am EST on Mondays. You only need to register once in order to attend all webinars, and you do not need to attend all sessions.

Upon registration, you may opt to receive either a paper or electronic copy of an HSBC Family Literacy First Activity Booklet for you and your children to complete at your leisure.

The workshop schedule is as follows:

February 7: Introduction – What is Wellness Together?

February 14: Stress Management – In this workshop, we’ll explore what stress is and what it feels like. We’ll also talk about ways to reduce and recover from it. You’ll have a chance to figure out some sources of stress in your life, and make a plan to deal with at least one of them.

February 21: Motivation – In this workshop, we’ll explore what motivation means to us, and why it’s important. We’ll learn how to get motivated by connecting our values to our goals, and talk about strategies for staying motivated when things get hard.

February 28: Time Management – In this workshop, we’ll look at skills that help with time management. We’ll also talk about common time-wasting habits we fall into, and how to overcome them.

March 7: Smart Shopping – In this workshop, we’ll talk all about shopping! Topics include why we shop, how to think about our shopping habits, how to save money with comparison shopping, and ways to make smart buying decisions.

March 14: Take Charge of Your Health – In this workshop, we’ll explore how to talk about your health with your family and with your health care providers.

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