Are you unprepared for a financial setback? You’re not alone.

Canadians are increasingly worried about their finances, and many are likely to be unprepared for an unexpected setback. A recent survey conducted by Forum Research Inc. found that only a quarter of Canadians have an emergency fund, while the Financial Planning Standards Council reports that finances are a daily concern for four in 10 Canadians. Canada’s Aboriginal population living off reserve, Canadians with lower levels of educational attainment, low-income earners and newcomers face even higher financial stress.

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Experience it: Financial literacy for kids

ABC Life Literacy Canada is happy to share this article on financial literacy tips for kids written by Carlie Weinreb. Carlie is a 9-year-old financial whiz who can do income taxes and has delivered guest lectures at the University of Toronto. See if you can use any of her tips with your family during November’s Financial Literacy Month!

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Skills for a stronger, more confident workforce

What are the top skills employers look for in new hires? You might be surprised to find out that they’re not always technical skills specific to the job, but rather soft skills, like adaptability, teamwork and motivation.

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Health literacy and you: Five resources to take control of your health

If you struggle with understanding medical terms, managing your medication or talking with medical professionals about your health, you’re among the majority of Canadians, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada. In fact, 60 per cent of adults and 88 per cent of seniors are not health literate. This means they struggle with understanding information related to their health, knowing where to go to access services, and applying health advice to their lives.

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Stay active with these physical literacy resources

At ABC Life Literacy Canada we advocate for lifelong learning in all its forms. One that’s increasingly on our radar is physical literacy. In response to a worrisome trend toward indoor, sedentary and less active behaviour across all age groups, Canadian organizations are working to identify both causes and solutions to this growing problem. One of the most affected groups is Canadian children and youth, with physical activity levels well below the daily recommendations and screen time on the rise.

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2016 Winner of the Dr. Alan Middleton Workplace Literacy and Learning Award Announced

2016 Winner: Eduardo Hilario
Plant Operations Manager, Kingsmill Foods Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

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A LINC to Independence

Refugees to Canada learn about financial literacy in their new home               


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Closing the Numeracy Gap

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Partnerships of Note: Literacy Organizations and Toastmasters Clubs

"Speech is our most visible communication skill," says Lil Radley, Literacy Services Coordinator at the Lethbridge Public Library. "Often, we're judged on all our skills based on just our first few minutes of speech."


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Literacy Organization Profile: Greater Victoria Public Library

At a glance:

Greater Victoria Public Library (GVPL) in British Columbia builds community and supports literacy and lifelong learning through their 11 library branches and more than 250 staff. They offer free access to learning materials, be they books, computers or otherwise, as well as the space, tools and expertise to explore them.


Programs of note:

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