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What is Health Literacy?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines health literacy as "the degree to which an individual has the capacity to obtain, communicate, process, and understand basic health information and services to make appropriate health decisions."

Read the health literacy fact sheet for research and statistics.

To help Canadians increase their confidence to make the best health decisions for themselves and their families, ABC has created ABC Health Matters.


ABC Health Matters empowers Canadians to manage their health more effectively by increasing their confidence when talking about and making decisions regarding health issues with family, friends and health professionals. Through the program, adults develop a deeper understanding of how to advocate for their and their family’s health and better understand how to access health care.

ABC Health Matters is delivered in communities across Southern Ontario. The program is structured around a three-hour workbook-based workshop. The workbooks can also be used by individuals at home.

Resources for Patients & Caregivers:
Make a Medical History Card
Health Passport
Caring for a loved one
Tips for your next Doctor Visit
You and Your Pharmacist
Your Rights as a Patient
Glossary of Health Words
Your Health Centres
Doing Health Math
Helpful Links

Resources for Health Care Providers:
Communicating with Patients with Low Health Literacy
Tips for your next Doctor Visit   Poster-8.5x11"    Poster-11x17"
You and Your Pharmacist   Poster-8.5x11"  Poster-11x17"


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