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ABC Life Literacy Canada encourages families to "Take 20." Take 20 minutes to make learning together part of your everyday. Engaging in literacy activities as a family improves a child’s skills and also helps adults keep their skills sharp. Here are a few ideas to get your family started! Download the Take 20 activities in PDF.

New Activities for 2019!

  1. I wonder why? Go online as a family and learn something new. Ever wonder why the ocean and sky are blue?
  2. Read ANYTHING! A book, blog, magazine or letter from grandma. Read together and get in your 20 minutes each day
  3. Be a Rockstar: Sing along with the radio or do Karaoke – maybe a duet?
  4. Make something yummy: Follow a family recipe or create a new one together.
  5. Travel the world: Your library card is your passport to travel the world and to take a learning journey.
  6. Jot that down: Write an e-mail, letter, blog post or text your family and friends. Which is the most fun?
  7. Scientist in the House: Do a kitchen experiment or mix up a batch of playdough.
  8. It goes something like this: Tell your favourite story and give it a new ending, or take turns making up a new story.
  9. Crafty Crafter: Paper, glue, yarn, paint – so many things to create! Do a craft together.
  10. Stepper challenge: Go for a walk and count your steps. How many steps to school, the park, your friend’s house?
  11. Deal me in: Play cards and keeping score is a fun way to practice counting.
  12. Tell it to me: Tell someone about your day at dinnertime or pick-up the phone for a chat. What was the best part?>
  13. Shopper Time: Make a grocery list together with kids finding what’s on the list and checking off the items (and maybe adding one special treat!)
  14. I’m on Staycation: A vacation at home can be lots of fun. Plan a trip in your neighbourhood.
  15. Riddle me This: Tell jokes and riddles while doing chores around the house – can you stump your parents?
  16. Know your hood: Draw a map of your neighbourhood, adding in important places like school, library, doctor and pet store!
  17. Game-ON! Play a board game and plan a family game night – invite your neighbours.
  18. Story Dynamo: Make-up a story and draw a picture to go with it. First, show the picture to your friend and see if they can tell you what your story is about.
  19. Building Buddies: Build something together with modeling clay or building blocks. Check out what Family Literacy Day Honourary Chair Barbara Reid can do with modeling clay!
  20. Did you Know? Teach someone you know something new. Did you learn why the ocean and sky are blue yet?

Have a look at the great illustrations Family Literacy Day Honourary Chair, Barbara Reid created to Take 20!


Learning can happen at any time. Check out this video for great ways to have fun with your family:


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