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ABC Life Literacy Canada encourages families to "Learn at play, every day." Engaging in literacy activities as a family improves a child’s skills and also helps adults keep their skills sharp. Here are a few ideas to get your family started!


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New Activities for 2018!

  1. Play With Your Food: Get toothpicks and small pieces of apple, cheese, grapes, or whatever snack you want (marshmallows, yum). Now build a house, tower or circle by attaching your snacks with toothpicks. Best part is you can eat it (not the toothpicks, of course)!
  2. Slumber Party Book Club: Choose a book to read as a family, then watch the movie together in your PJs. Talk about what you liked from the book and the movie (and don't forget, lots of popcorn).
  3. Pack Your Bags: Have your teen plan a dream family trip. They can plan the whole thing – from hotel, to adventures, to flights. Build research skills while having fun.
  4. Favourite Food Find: Create a grocery store scavenger hunt with your weekly shopping list. Maybe add a few special items you don’t get all the time for a special treat (and an extra challenge for scavengers).
  5. Draw Me A Home: Get large sheets of paper and draw the rooms of your dream home. Add in the rooms you always wanted (trampoline in your bedroom and pool in the basement!) Get some of your favourite toys and play with them in the house.
  6. Letter Model It: With modeling clay, make the letters of your name using all the colours of the rainbow. See some ideas from Family Literacy Day Honourary Chair, Barbara Reid.
  7. Favourite Family Food: Write down how to make your favourite family meal. Share the recipe with your friends and family or make a video showing how to make the meal.
  8. Text You Later: Encourage older kids to read and write through texting. Send them a link to an article you think they’ll like and ask them what they thought.
  9. The Punch Line Is: Swap your favourite jokes with your friends. See if your parents know them! (What's a ninja's favourite drink? WATAAAAA!!!!)
  10. The Letter Train: Say a word and have your friend say a new word that begins with the last letter of the word you just said (play, yellow, waffles, snow).


Download special Family Literacy Day activities from Family Literacy Day Honourary Chair, Barbara Reid!


Learning can happen at any time. Check out this video for great ways to share 15 minutes of fun with your family:


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