Civic Literacy

What is civic literacy?

Civic literacy is the knowledge and skills you need to participate in making change in your community. In Canada, this includes:

  • Voting
  • Knowing how the government works
  • Rights and responsibilities of citizens and elected members of government

When you have strong civic literacy skills, you know how to make your voice heard by all levels of government—before, during and after an election. We want every Canadian to vote, and every person to let the country know their beliefs, needs and wants.

That’s why ABC Life Literacy Canada partnered with Elections Canada to examine how we’re teaching Canadians about the democratic process—and how we can open it up to everyone, including adults with low literacy skills.

ABC Life Literacy Canada is committed to:

  • Reviewing civic education materials to ensure they can be accessed by adults who struggle with reading and writing
  • Conducting research into civic literacy, including effective strategies for teaching it, and how it relates to adults with low literacy
  • Creating recommendations for improving existing civic education tools across Canada

Download free posters to help promote the upcoming election at your organization.

ABC Life Literacy Canada, in partnership with Elections Canada, has created three posters for organizations to download. These posters include helpful information for learners about the upcoming election, including how to vote, how to decide who to vote for, and how to work at a voting centre.

ABC Life Literacy Canada partnered with Elections Canada to create A Guide to Voting: A Literacy Practitioner Workbook for Voting in the 2019 Federal Election.

We created this resource to help literacy practitioners engage adult learners in civic literacy in advance of the October 2019 federal election. The information, links and suggested activities help students learn about voting basics such as how to register to vote, different ways to vote and the accessibility resources available. They also guide practitioners through talking to their students about why voting is important and what to expect at a polling place.

Each page of A Guide to Voting includes links for more information. We have also included a step-by-step activity at the end of the booklet to help practitioners and learners hold their own practice election in the classroom or at home. Practice elections are our favourite tool for getting learners comfortable and confident with voting.

Get your free copy

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