New essential skills workbooks available

ABC Life Literacy Canada has released the first two workbooks from its new Activate Learning program. Activate Learning is a literacy and essential skills program focused on supporting and empowering the unique population of Newfoundland and Labrador, however the workbooks can be downloaded by anyone wishing to use them. The program aims to improve the number of training opportunities for adult learners, employees and workplaces in the area of essential skills, employability skills, literacy, health literacy and financial literacy.

The first two workbooks being released from the Essential Skills for Life series, cover the topics of Reading and Writing – two of the nine Essential Skills. The workbooks are available in English and French.

The reading workbook focuses on why reading is important, what makes a good reader, and reading strategies. The writing workbook covers why writing is more important than ever before and how to improve writing skills. Both workbooks provide a self-assessment and helpful strategies and activities.

Workbooks are written at a grade four to six reading level and are designed for adult literacy learners.

Throughout the year, additional workbooks will be released, covering the remaining seven essential skills. Essential skills are used in nearly every job and in daily life. They also allow Canadians to learn new skills and to adapt to changes.

Activate Learning is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Adult Learning, Literacy & Essential Skills program. Literacy organizations and workplaces can sign up to host workshops – either in person or virtually – using these workbooks. In some instances, ABC Life Literacy Canada can provide a workshop facilitator.

To access the resources, visit To learn more about the program or to host a workshop, visit or contact our project coordinator.