Top literacy news posts of 2023

In case you missed any of ABC Life Literacy Canada’s news posts written for the literacy community this year, we’ve recapped the top 10 most popular.

  1. How to incorporate Indigenous Ways of Knowing into your teaching: We explained how incorporating Indigenous Ways of Knowing into teaching could help create a more inclusive classroom environment.
  2. 5 benefits of learning about your heritage: An ode to Family Literacy Day 2023’s theme, this post looked at the benefits of learning about one’s heritage.
  3. What’s planned for Family Literacy Day 2023: We highlighted how Canadians could take part in this annual initiative.
  4. New series of UP Skills for Work resources for adult learners: We launched a new series of adapted UP Skills for Work workbooks called Get Started, written and designed specifically for adult learners at a grade 2-4 reading level.
  5. 7 ways to improve digital literacy skills on a budget: We outlined how to improve digital literacy skills on a small budget.
  6. Celebrate your heritage with Family Literacy Day on January 27: We highlighted Family Literacy Day 2023 events across the country and encouraged families to take part.
  7. 10 ways families can learn about their heritage together: To further highlight the Family Literacy Day 2023 theme, we offered ways families could learn about their heritage together and improve their literacy skills while doing it.
  8. How to make an inclusive classroom for 2SLGBTQI+ learners: We dove deep into how literacy practitioners could make their classroom more inclusive for 2SLGBTQI+ learners.
  9. How cultural literacy impacts diversity, equity and inclusion: We discussed how improving cultural literacy skills could lead to improved diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the workplace and within society as a whole.
  10. New family financial literacy workbook available from ABC Life Literacy Canada: We launched our latest workbook from the Family Literacy First program, entitled “Chug-a Chug-a Choo Choose”.