Top 10 literacy news posts of 2021

In case you missed any of the news posts written for the literacy community this year, we’ve recapped the top 10 most popular.

  1. 10 family learning activities for Family Literacy Day. In celebration of Family Literacy Day in January, ABC Life Literacy Canada offered 10 family learning activity ideas.
  2. The three different ways that adults learn. To help with teaching strategies, we outlined the three different ways that adults learn, including numerous teaching tips for each.
  3. Families, libraries and literacy groups to celebrate Family Literacy Day virtually. We talked about the activities planned for Family Literacy Day 2021 in January.
  4. 5 great teaching strategies for adults. We identified five great teaching strategies for adults that can be easily incorporated into literacy program offerings.
  5. 4 literacy assessment tools for adult learners. We reviewed key assessment tools for adult literacy organizations to consider in order to optimize learner success.
  6. What you need to know about the 2021 tax season. With COVID-19 impacting many Canadians’ taxes, we discussed the key takeaways for the 2021 tax season.
  7. 5 family literacy activities for the holiday season. We shared activities to keep the family busy learning during the holiday break.
  8. 4 tips for writing effective grant applications. We outlined four tips for writing effective funding applications to assist non-profit organizations looking to secure funding for literacy programs.
  9. Financial literacy resources for adults. In honour of Financial Literacy Month, we provided a list of great financial literacy resources and lesson plans for adults.
  10. How to build soft skills for employees. Soft skills include skills such as time management, confidence and adaptability, which can be hard to quantify for an employer. This article outlines how to develop the soft skills of workers with an organization.

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