Innovation Learning Lab series

This year we’re hosting four Innovation Learning Labs, thanks to the support of Canada Life through the Canada Life Literacy Innovation Award. In each webinar we will discuss one topic that is important and relevant to the literacy field in 2022.

Who are we missing?
Thursday, April 7th at 1:00pm EDT

Adult learners can be difficult to reach for a wide variety of reasons, and those barriers to adult learning have been changing rapidly in the recent past. In this webinar, we will discuss which learners have been difficult, or even impossible, to reach via adult literacy programming and how we can work to overcome those barriers and make our learning communities more inclusive and accessible. Watch the recording.

Preparations and planning for post-COVID programming
Thursday, June 23rd at 1:00pm EDT

In this moderated discussion, literacy practitioners will discuss how we can move forward with program planning in the post-COVID era. This conversation will highlight the importance of flexibility when thinking of programming, best practices for working with learners during this transitional period, and how expectations for learning have shifted. With changing restrictions an ongoing possibility, what does program planning look like and how do we continue to provide programming for learners in a variety of situations? Watch the recording.

Measuring program impact: how do we define success?
Thursday, September 22nd at 1:00pm EDT

In the literacy field, defining success is often challenging. Criteria such as increased learner empowerment or increased learner confidence are difficult to measure but are crucial for both program development and program reporting. Join ABC for a moderated discussion with guest speakers from the literacy sector as we explore the value of impact measurement and identify steps to help you define and monitor the success of your programs. Watch the recording.

Taking flight with your pilot project: best practices for supporting innovation and experimentation
Thursday, October 6th at 1:00pm EDT

Being innovative and responsive means being willing to try out new ideas, and the best way to do this is often through pilot projects. In this webinar, we’ll explore how to successfully launch, run and assess a pilot project with a panel of experienced and creative leaders in the literacy field. Join us as we discuss the tools, techniques and best practices that can make a pilot project truly “take flight”! Register now.