Essential life lessons to teach your child

Raising kids is one of the most challenging and rewarding things parents will ever do. There are so many things we wish for our children’s futures, from good health to a happy home.

While some successes will come naturally for them, there are other core parts of adulthood that can benefit from some education at a young age. Here are three important life skills you can start imparting now:

Cooking and meal prep

While cooking is something most adults eventually pick up, it’s not always easy. Teaching your kids some food basics while they’re young gives them time to gain confidence around a kitchen before they must fend for themselves.

To get young ones involved, have them watch you cook or let them measure out or stir dry ingredients. Elementary-age school kids can do tasks like crack eggs, spoon batter or juice lemons, while those a bit older can try to chop veggies or use the microwave. Just make sure you’ve repeatedly reviewed kitchen safety along the way and be close by when kids are cooking.

Basic first aid

Any parent knows that accidents happen. Next time you put anti-bacterial cream on a cut or get ice for a swollen ankle, explain to your kids what you’re doing and why. Understanding the basics of first aid can be a practical confidence booster and safety skill for the rest of their lives.

Beyond when and how to call 911, easy first aid to share with your child includes how to stop a bloody nose, and what to do for a simple burn or a bug bite. Try showing first aid tips during gameplay.

Financial fundamentals

Money makes the world go round, but knowing how to manage it is still a struggle for many of us well into adulthood. To help your child build strong financial habits for the future, teach them the basics of money management from a young age.

Little ones can understand the basic concept that money pays for things. School-age kids can consider the difference between wants and needs and save up for a new toy or game, while older teens will benefit from learning about compound interest and banking.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about money yourself and you want to brush up on some basics before teaching your children, there are many resources to help you.

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