Winners of the 2023 Family Literacy First Fund

ABC Life Literacy Canada is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Family Literacy First Fund. This award is presented to Canadian organizations that are making significant contributions to the field of family financial literacy. The award honours programs that empower families to develop their financial literacy skills together and could serve as a model for other organizations to adapt. The following organizations each received an award of $2,500 to further enhance their family financial literacy programs.

The 2023 winners are:

Further Education Society of Alberta (Calgary, AB)

First Steps in Financial Literacy is a program aimed at enhancing parents’ confidence in basic money management for themselves and their families, with a focus on at-risk, low-literate, multi-barrier adult learners. Through a non-formal, experiential and interactive approach, participants gain skills in discussing and managing personal finances, using financial vocabulary, and engaging in numeracy-related tasks. The program also provides Family Learning Kits containing educational materials, games and activities to foster financial literacy and numeracy skills within families.

Children’s Reading Room (Guelph, ON)

The Children’s Reading Room (CRR) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting early literacy and a passion for reading by providing free children’s books to visitors. Families can enjoy a welcoming and comfortable space to socialize, read, participate in literacy-focused activities. By enhancing reading and literacy skills for children and parents, the CRR contributes to the development of a solid foundation for improved financial literacy competence.

The Stephen Leacock Foundation for Children (Toronto, ON)

The Love to Learn – Family Extension program aims to address the opportunity gap for marginalized families by providing financial literacy experiences and educational support to their children. This initiative targets specific communities in Toronto, focusing on building a positive financial mindset and encouraging financial planning. The program includes Math Literacy session for families, aiming to accommodate their needs.

Parents partenaires en éducation (Ottawa, ON)

The Financial Well-Being of Francophone Parents in Ontario program, offered by Parents partenaires en éducation, aims to support Francophone parents in acquiring and sharing fundamental financial literacy knowledge to ensure the present and future financial security of their children. The program consists of webinars and resources covering financial concepts and addressing economic, financial, social, and family issues. The program is designed for parents with children educated in French, providing culturally and linguistically relevant information to a community often lacking resources in their official language.