Family learning activities for Spring break

Spring break is on the horizon, which means students will have a week off from school. While this is normally a welcome break, students around the world have already lost countless hours of in-person education due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to UNSECO, a year into the pandemic, more than 800 million students — representing more than half the world’s student population — continue to experience major disruptions in their schooling. In-person schools were completely shut for an average of 3.5 months since the pandemic began, with some experiencing upwards of 5.5 months away from school.

While the impact of these school hours will likely be grave, children spend five times as much time outside the classroom as they do in school, making parents an important part of children’s education. According to the National Center for Family Literacy, children whose parents are involved with them in family literacy activities score 10 points higher on standardized reading tests.

During this Spring break, take the time as a family to continue learning outside of the classroom to ensure kids don’t miss out on even more schooling. Here are 5 fun literacy activities you can download for free:

  1. Make an Origami Bunny: Practice your arts and crafts skills through this fun paper-based activity.
  2. What I See Under the Sea: Imagine you are swimming under the sea and talk about what you might see!
  3. Recipe for Marshmallow Rice Puff Treats: Cooking and baking is full of learning opportunities.
  4. There Once Was a Skunk: Use this fun activity to practice writing and storytelling.
  5. Going on a Camping Trip: Camping season is around the corner. Practice your campfire singalong songs.

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