8 literacy activities to prepare kids for back to school

After more than five months off, the majority of children will (finally) be heading back to school this September. The summer break can often cause a decline in children’s knowledge from the prior school year – also known as the summer slide. However, this year, due to the pandemic, children will have experienced even further declines due to the extended length of time they have been away from full-time learning.

As kids prepare to head back next month, it’s more important than ever that parents prepare their children. Even after a typical two-month summer break, it can be difficult for kids to get back into the swing of things. Research shows that students lose about one month’s worth of school-year learning due to summer vacation. Now, having been away from school and full-time learning for over six months, many students may fall behind.

Luckily, ABC Life Literacy Canada has a portal of several free literacy and learning activities for children of all ages. Be sure to spend at least 15 minutes a day with your children doing a literacy activity to help them brush up on their skills and prepare for the school year.

Here are 8 activities to get you started:

  1. Build a family time capsule. Document this extraordinary time so that you can look back on it years from now.
  1. Read a story. Ailey Buys a Scooter teaches children the value of money and how to save for things they want.
  1. Learn about where food comes from. Help kids think about where their food might originate from before it gets to the grocery store.
  1. Identify parts of the body. Learn about human anatomy with this fun worksheet.
  1. Help people. Teach kindness by talking about people who need help and how to help others.
  1. Explore static electricity. Prepare for science class with this fun experiment.
  1. Choose your dream job. Spend time imagining about a dream job and what it would look like.
  1. Learn about money. This workbook teaches kids how to save and budget!

For more free activities and resources, visit www.FamilyLiteracyFirst.ca.