5 family learning activities for March Break

March Break is quickly approaching for students, meaning that they’ll have a week off from classes. To ensure children don’t suffer from learning loss at this time, try these fun learning activities together as a family.

The Family Literacy First program offers over 85 family literacy activities – all available for free online. Choose one of the many activity books, stories, games, crafts and video lessons and unfold the magic of family learning.

In honour of March Break, here are 5 family learning activities for your family to try.

  1. Funny Money. Learn about financial setbacks in this fun game where you face challenges along the way to earning money.
  2. Snowflake Words. Make your own unique snowflakes with this artistic craft.
  3. Fruit Basket Dance. Practice good health by combining exercise with fruit!
  4. Learn Chinese Numbers. Why not celebrate Chinese New Year by learning to write numbers in Chinese?!
  5. Make Oatmeal Cookies. Try out this delicious video recipe and then enjoy your creation as a family.

To download these activities and others, visit FamilyLiteracyFirst.ca and create a free account.