10 outdoor activities for daily family learning

Spending time in nature provides many benefits, not just for bodies, but for minds too. Get outside and exercise both your mind and body together as a family. Here are 10 outdoor learning activities you can do as a family.

  1. Outdoor scavenger hunt. Make a list of commonly found outdoor items, then go on a walk together with your list and see if you can find all the items.
  2. Create a nature journal. Using a notebook, draw pictures and write stories about the different outdoor areas you’ve explored and the trees or animals you’ve come across.
  3. Learn about winter species. Research online or at the library about winter birds and other animals in your region. Then, next time you’re outside, see if you can find any of the species you’ve learned about.
  4. Nature hike. Get some fresh air and exercise while practicing your math. Time your hike, work out the distance, and calculate your average speed on your hike.
  5. Make story stones. Find rocks outside and draw a different nature-themed picture on each. Then take turns telling stories using the stones.
  6. Head in the clouds. Look at the different clouds in the sky and see if the shapes of the clouds look like familiar objects, such as animals or people.
  7. Number walk: As you put on your shoes, choose something you want to count during your walk. It could be dogs, trees, stop signs, cars—anything you want! On your walk, count how many you can find.
  8. Snow art: Use emptied dish soap bottles filled with water and food colouring to write messages and draw in the snow.
  9. A course of course: Build an obstacle course in your backyard or at a park and draw a map of how to go through it from beginning to end.
  10. Adopt a tree. Pick a nearby tree that is special to you and spend time observing and learning about the tree.

For more family literacy activity ideas and resources, visit www.FamilyLiteracyDay.ca.