Youth Teaching Adults seminar

Youths teach digital literacy to adult learners

In the age of rapidly changing technology, it can be difficult to keep up. While some Canadians thrive on new digital devices and technology, others find it confusing and daunting. How do we connect tech-savvy individuals with those who could benefit the most from their knowledge? Introducing: Youth Teaching Adults.

Youth Teaching Adults is a collaboration between ABC Life Literacy Canada (ABC) and Youth Empowering Parents (YEP). It provides an opportunity for youth to develop their leadership skills through teaching technology to adult learners one-on-one, and for learners to increase their digital literacy skills.

“We are excited to bring such highly regarded digital literacy resources to our national network of community learning organizations through our collaboration with Youth Empowering Parents,” said Mack Rogers, ABC Executive Director. “Youth Teaching Adults will bring together youth tutors and adult learners for a rewarding intergenerational learning experience where both the tutor and adult will build confidence and skills.”

YEP has contributed its award-winning training methodology, digital literacy lesson plans, and an online learning platform to Youth Teaching Adults to support program growth. ABC will extend the reach of the program by leveraging its national network of community learning organizations to reach under-served communities across the country. The training and resources have also been adapted by ABC for clear language for use with adult learners.

“Since launching in Toronto in 2010, YEP’s model and program materials have empowered thousands of young people around the world to be one-on-one instructors to adults and seniors in various life skills,” said Agazi Afewerki, Executive Director, Youth Empowering Parents. “We’re excited to partner with ABC to grow the reach of our digital literacy program to new communities across Canada.”

Youth Teaching Adults is presented with funding from the Government of Canada through the Digital Literacy Exchange Program. The program will introduce French lesson plans and resources this fall.

To find out more about Youth Teaching Adults, to access online lesson plans, and to sign your organization up to volunteer or to host a workshop, please visit