ABC Connect for Learning

Digital literacy program helps build learner confidence

ABC Life Literacy Canada (ABC) is pleased to announce its latest digital literacy program, ABC Connect for Learning. This program brings together all of ABC’s free digital literacy programming and offers various pathways for learning to suit one’s comfort level and experience. Whether someone is just getting started with the Internet or wants to learn about new technology, ABC Connect for Learning offers something for everyone looking to improve their digital literacy skills.

For those just getting started online, a variety of resources are available to help build confidence about accessing the Internet. Adults can learn about computer basics such as how to use a mouse and a keyboard, explore how to search for things on Google, and better understand how to stay safe online.

Intermediate-level Internet users can learn new about technologies. With helpful lesson plans on using different websites, apps and software on a phone, tablet or computer, adults can feel confident navigating platforms such as Facebook, Zoom and Gmail.

Several of these resources are also offered in online courses through the ABC Skills Hub, an online learning portal that offers asynchronous, at-home delivery of ABC Life Literacy Canada’s many adult literacy programs. Learners can complete the online courses at their own pace, save their work in progress, and download course content and helpful reminders of what they’ve learned.

In addition to resources for learners, ABC Connect for Learning offers tools and lesson plans to help literacy practitioners and educators use and introduce new digital technology. Community organizations can also bring these digital literacy resources to their learner audiences by hosting a workshop.

“We know that digital literacy is an important skill set that all Canadians need, especially with 84 per cent of jobs currently requiring computer and technical skills. We are pleased to offer this programming to help adults equip themselves with the know-how to use digital technologies and navigate safely online.”

– Alison Howard, Executive Director of ABC Life Literacy Canada

“Our government knows that Canada thrives when no one gets left behind. In today’s reality, understanding digital technology and being able to use the Internet are vital, which is why we are ensuring that all Canadians have access to resources to learn the skills to find information and opportunities online. Through our Digital Literacy Exchange Program, we are supporting ABC Life Literacy Canada’s initiative to provide digital literacy skills training to adult learners across Canada.”

– The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

ABC Connect for Learning is partly funded by the Government of Canada through the Digital Literacy Exchange Program.

To find out more about ABC Connect for Learning, to access free resources, and to sign up to host a workshop, please visit