Young volunteers help senior people on the computer

Bring this valuable digital literacy program to your community

In the age of rapidly changing technology, it can be difficult to keep up. While some of us thrive on new digital devices and technology, others find it confusing and daunting. How do we connect tech-savvy individuals with those who could benefit the most from their knowledge?

A new program called Youth Teaching Adults aims to do just that. It partners young people with strong online and tech skills, usually high school students, with adult learners who want to improve their digital knowledge. Youth act as volunteer tutors, providing one-on-one coaching in a safe and supportive workshop environment while also developing their leadership skills and earning community service hours. 

Adults can choose what they want to learn from over 50 different lesson plans and topics. These include browsing videos on YouTube, downloading new apps on their smartphone and video-chatting with family. 

If you want to bring this valuable digital literacy education program to your community, you can sign up to host a workshop in a local organization. Workshops can take place in all kinds of settings, such as learning and community centres, libraries, schools, youth centres and settlement or newcomers’ organizations. Whether your organization serves youth or adults, one of the program’s coordinators will work with you to recruit and secure either youth volunteer-tutors or adult learners in your community to make your workshops a reality.

Learn more information, access free lesson plans and book a workshop in your community at