A guide to boosting your digital literacy skills in 2024

Living, learning and working in today’s increasingly digital environment requires a particular skill set – digital literacy. Developing strong digital literacy skills helps us to find, evaluate and communicate information, and stay up-to-date with technological changes.

Strong digital skills can improve the productivity of almost everything we do daily. From researching a product or service on the Internet to comparing weekly grocery sales on an app, digital platforms provide quick access to information. And since most jobs require digital skills, you have greater opportunities for career advancement with strong digital literacy skills, too.

If you’ve been finding it challenging to navigate technology for work, learning or daily life, the new year is a great time to update this skill set. Below, we outline some easy ways to become more confident when navigating the digital world in 2024.

Assess your current level

Consider your workplace and job – what impact will digital technology have on your role, and how will this affect your career? What digital skills are becoming increasingly necessary in your workplace?

Many of us may worry our jobs will become obsolete due to automation. While it’s true that many jobs will no longer be necessary, there will also be 97 million new roles created. Staying current with new technologies and trends can help prepare you for what may be coming.

Also, think about your daily life outside work. Do you struggle with sending electronic material to others? What about researching reputable sources for information related to medical issues or civic news?

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses regarding digital literacy helps you set realistic goals to improve your life. Once you recognize your skill level in specific areas, you can prioritize the areas requiring more attention.

Get support

In your workplace

Most organizations will not be able to avoid digital transformation. So, if your employer isn’t already investing in digital literacy training and support, make the suggestion. Promoting the positive benefits of strong digital literacy skills – like better productivity and performance – can help convince management.

Workplace digital literacy training doesn’t just benefit your employer. By preparing for the impact of technology shifts in your workplace, you’ll be better equipped to secure your long-term career growth.

In your daily life

Plenty of resources are available to help you acquire digital skills to assist you with everyday tasks. Research free online courses, video tutorials, webinars and audiobooks on topics of interest.

Numerous online communities, forums and networks also exist to improve digital literacy. You can share ideas, receive support and uncover new opportunities by establishing connections with others.

Because of constant technological changes, consider education a lifelong commitment. If you don’t continuously update your skills, they may become outdated and require a refresh.

Apply your skills

Sometimes, trial and error is best for learning a new skill. Try out various tools, platforms, or formats, and contemplate the results you achieve.

Research digital methods to enhance your workplace skills. For administrative roles, consider integrating a bot for scheduling and calendar coordination or using an application that creates minutes complete with highlighted keywords. Launch a blog, portfolio or podcast to share your knowledge and build an industry reputation.

At home, try downloading some mobile applications that make everyday life easier and more productive. Certain apps exist to streamline task management, to-do lists and budgeting, whereas others focus on filtering news information that interests you most.

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