Ontario election resources for adult learners

The Ontario election is coming up on June 2, 2022 and ABC Life Literacy Canada has partnered with Elections Ontario to create a number of resources to help literacy practitioners engage adult learners in civic literacy.

These resources include information, links, and activities to help learners understand voting basics, such as different ways to vote, what to expect at the voting location, and the reasons why voting is important.

What is civic literacy?

Civic literacy means having the knowledge and skills you need to participate in making change in your community. In Canada, this includes voting, knowing how the government works, and the rights and responsibilities of citizens and elected members of government.

Why is civic literacy important?

When you have strong civic literacy skills, you know how to make your voice heard by all levels of government—before, during and after an election. More civically literate citizens are more likely to vote, be able to identify the political issues that are most important to them, and be aware of how to make positive political change happen.

Citizens with a higher level of civic literacy are also more likely to respect others’ opinions, which helps form a more open and accepting society.

Voting is one of the best ways to be an active citizen in our communities. Visit our website at www.voteinontario.ca to download free resources and engage your learners in the upcoming election.