3 inexpensive ways to advertise your non-profit literacy program

Marketing can be expensive, and for non-profits, it can feel nearly impossible to be able to afford the going rate for ad space. Due to tight budgets and limited resources, non-profit organizations must find creative ways to promote their literacy programs. Luckily, there are a few ways you can score great savings on advertising space and maximize your budget. Check out these three inexpensive ways to advertise your non-profit literacy program.

  1. Google Ad Grants. Did you know that Google provides up to $10,000 monthly in free search advertising for registered non-profits? If you haven’t utilized Google Ad Grants yet, you’re missing out. Search engine marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise due to the fact that you’re able to get your product or service right in front of people the moment they’re actively looking for it. While it can be hard to get your website onto page one organically, Google Ads gives you the ability to compete with private businesses and get to the top of the listings. And if you’re a non-profit, you’ll get to do this all for free!
  1. Social Media. Social media has been around for a long time now, yet surprisingly, many organizations aren’t using it to reach its target audience. While social media can be time consuming and difficult to grow an organic following, advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is relatively inexpensive and can get you lots of exposure. If you don’t have time to heavily invest in creating social media posts every week, consider creating one or two ads per month. You can spend whatever you want – $25 or $500 – and set your targeting to your region and audience demographic. It’s not only a powerful tool, it also offers lots of flexibility for those with small budgets. 
  1. Media Sale Fundraiser. Every year ABC Life Literacy Canada hosts the ABC Media Sale – an online sale of advertising space donated by leading online, outdoor, magazines, broadcast and newspapers from across the country. The donated media is sold at up to 65% off the rate card value with all funds raised going towards ABC Life Literacy Canada’s work to inspire Canadians to increase their literacy skills. Not only does this give non-profits an opportunity to buy ad space in outlets like Pattison Outdoor, Toronto SUN and cbc.ca at a heavily discounted rate, it also helps support the literacy cause – a win-win!

The ABC Media Sale opens on April 22, 2024 at 9:00am EDT. To preview available media and to get your first pick when the sale opens, register today at abcmediasale.ca.