Skills for Success Day

Skills for Success Day is September 19, 2024.

Skills for Success Day (formerly Essential Skills Day) is an annual initiative taking place each September to raise awareness about the key skills needed to succeed in learning, work and life. These skills, as identified by the Government of Canada (reading, writing, numeracy, digital, problem solving, communication, collaboration, adaptability, creativity and innovation), are the foundation for learning all other skills and enable people to evolve with their jobs and adapt to change.

Skills for Success Day Resources

Download and share these free resources. The Skills for Success Day resources are for use at home and in workshops and activities that are also free for participants. Resources are not to be used for commercial purposes.

Learn about each of the Skills for Success and other key skills from our UP Skills for Work program:

Workplace Literacy in Canada

  • Six in 10 workers will require training before 2027, but only half of workers are seen to have access to adequate training opportunities today. The highest priority for skills training from 2023-2027 is analytical thinking, which is set to account for 10% of training initiatives, on average. The second priority for workforce development is to promote creative thinking, which will be the subject of 8% of upskilling initiatives. (The Future of Jobs Report – World Economic Forum, 2023)
  • Post-pandemic, Canada has faced persistent labour and skills shortages across most regions, sectors and occupations: 80% of major employers are having trouble finding skilled workers. At the same time, employers play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of upskilling initiatives for their existing workforces. Further, it has been shown that technical-oriented training interventions are most successful when they are paired with non-technical skills training. (2023 State of Skills: Effective employer engagement in skills development – From rhetoric to solutions – Future Skills Centre, 2023)

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“[I participated in Skills for Success Day because] we have patrons who need these services and I wanted to make other adults aware of the needs.” – Participant

“[We participate in Skills for Success Day] to let people know that essential skills are even a thing.” – Participant

“[We participate in Skills for Success Day] to bring awareness to community members that training exists if they are lacking in an area.” – Participant

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