Money Matters

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Money Matters is a free introductory financial literacy program for adult learners, newcomers to Canada, Indigenous Peoples and people with diverse abilities. Our workbooks are used in classrooms across Canada, and are full of learning activities that can be adapted to the needs of individual groups. Workshops can be delivered by the staff of the group delivering the program, or with the optional support of local TD Bank Group volunteer-tutors.

Financial Literacy in Canada

  • 55% of Canadians have unsuitable numeracy skills, which means that they may struggle with understanding written instructions that rely on charts, numbers and conditional statements (if-then statements).
  • 4 in 10 Canadians report that money is a daily concern, and a third of low-income Canadians report worrying about money almost constantly (Canadians and their Money – Financial Planning Standards Council, 2016).
  • Less than half of Canadians (46%) have a budget (Managing Money and Planning for the Future: Key Findings from the 2014 Canadian Financial Capability Survey – Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, 2015).