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ABC Internet Matters empowers Canadians who aren’t comfortable using the internet with the knowledge they need to get started. Through the program, adults develop a deeper understanding of what the internet is, how they can access it affordably, and how it can help them do the things that are important to them, their families, work, and community. The program is structured around a three-hour workbook-based workshop. The workbook is also available for free download for home use.

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Digital Literacy in Canada

  • Estimates say that around 84% of jobs in Canada currently require the use of a computer and basic technical skills (Information and Communications Technology Council, 2016) and that even low-skilled jobs increasingly require a basic level of digital literacy (Essential Skills Ontario).
  • The Information and Communications Technology Council says that there will be a demand to fill 216,000 jobs by 2021. Job growth in ICT (Information and Communications) is growing far faster than the overall economy.
  • Many working-age Canadians struggle with problem-solving in technology-rich environments. Among them, the proportion is higher in underrepresented groups in the Canadian workforce, such as Indigenous peoples, immigrants, language minorities, and 16-24-year-olds (Statistics Canada, 2013).