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Health Matters LogoABC Health Matters empowers Canadians to manage their health more effectively by increasing their confidence when talking about and making decisions regarding health issues with family, friends and health professionals. Through the program, adults develop a deeper understanding of how to advocate for their and their family’s health and better understand how to access health care.

Improve your health literacy skills with these free resources. The ABC Health Matters resources are for use at home and in workshops and activities that are also free for participants. Resources are not to be used for commercial purposes.

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Health Literacy in Canada

  • 23% of Canadians find it “fairly difficult” or “very difficult” to find outwhere to get professional help when they are ill, and 54% find it “fairly difficult” or “very difficult” to judge when to seek a second opinion from another doctor (Consumer Health Products Canada, 2017).
  • 60% of adults in Canada are unable to obtain, understand and act upon health information and services and to make appropriate health decisions on their own. Seniors, immigrants and unemployed people have, on average, lower levels of health literacy skills (Health Literacy in Canada: A Healthy Understanding – Canadian Council on Learning, 2008).

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“We liked how the booklet was easy to follow and included many different activities. We also appreciated the simplicity of the workbooks.” – Practitioner

“I had a great time helping to facilitate the workshop. The attendees were happy with the content and the workshop progressed very smoothly. Very happy to have taken part!” – Facilitator

“[I would recommend this program] because this is basic information that everyone should know.” – Participant

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