ABC Skills Hub

The ABC Skills Hub is an online learning portal that offers asynchronous, at-home delivery of ABC Life Literacy Canada’s many adult literacy programs. It was created with a simple design that will appeal to practitioners and their learners who are looking to improve their digital literacy along with their money and work skills. It adheres to CLAD (Clear Language and Design) principles and prioritizes accessible navigation, from setting up an account, to learning.

With the ABC Skills Hub, learners are able to complete online courses at their own pace, save their work in progress, and download course content and helpful reminders of what they’ve learned. The ABC Skills Hub is fully accessible on both mobile and desktop and all privacy, data and personal information of learners is well protected.

The ABC Skills Hub also includes teacher and organization portals, where teachers can set up virtual classrooms for learners, and where organizations can keep track of multiple teachers and groups of learners across a variety of courses.

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“I’m loving [the ABC Skills Hub]. I just went through their new adaptability course and it’s clean and easy to use for users.” – Practitioner

“There’s so much good stuff on the ABC Skills Hub. Ready to use and user friendly.” – Practitioner

“I have already assigned one of my remote learners who is struggling with Skills for Learning to start with the Stress Management module.” – Practitioner

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