ABC Everyday Numbers

ABC Everyday Numbers

ABC Everyday Numbers is a numeracy program that offers free resources to adult learners looking to improve their math skills. Whether you’re looking to get your high school diploma or simply want to build math confidence, ABC Everyday Numbers brings math to everyday life!

Learners can download free workbooks or take online courses on their own. Literacy organizations and other community groups can sign up to host a workshop.

ABC Everyday Numbers is designed for practitioners who are teaching math skills and may not be trained foundational math instructors.

Math Literacy in Canada

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“I am glad to host this program and I am sure it will be a success.” – Facilitator

“I believe this program will give them [the learners] confidence and independence, it will make their life much easier.” – Facilitator

“A lot of our clientele live alone and are not familiar with using phones or computers, so having a space for them to talk and explore new things was incredible!” – Facilitator

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