To contact a staff member, please dial 416-218-0010 or 1-800-303-1004 and dial the individual’s extension below:


Heather Cosentino

Communications Specialist

extension 127


Carissa Di Gangi 

Programs Specialist, Community

extension 130 


Gillian Mason


extension 120


Urszula Mazur

Office Coordinator

extension 123


Ana Oliveira

Manager, Marketing and Partnerships

extension 121


Aleksandra Popovic

Program Manager, Workplace and Workforce Skills

extension 134


Hilary Reid

Programs Coordinator, Community

extension 131


Mack Rogers

Director of Programs, Community

extension 132


Nancy Shepherd

Director, Finance

extension 124


Andrea Swanson

Program Coordinator, Workplace and Workforce Skills

extension 133


Stephanie Wells

Manager, Communications

extension 122


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