"When I get the grocery receipt, it tells me how much money I saved when I bought something on sale. Before, I used the savings to treat myself to a cup of coffee. Now I put it in a special savings jar. It will add up so I will have a little more money to spend on birthday gifts or Christmas celebrations."

- Learner, Selkirk Adult Learning Program



Nearly 50% of Canadians struggle with simple tasks involving math and numbers. That’s why we created Money Matters, an introductory financial literacy program for adult learners. Developed in 2011 in partnership with TD Bank Group and the Government of Canada, it’s written at a grade 6-8 reading level so it can be accessible to adults who struggle with reading.


The goal of Money Matters is to reduce anxiety and increase confidence in managing money.


It’s working.


NEW: Money Matters is now available in new formats! We've adapted our core program to serve additional communities. Ask us about:

  • Money Matters for Newcomers and New Canadians -- available in English, French and Arabic!
  • Money Matters for Post-Secondary Students -- pilot complete
  • Money Matters for Indigenous Peoples -- pilot in progress


The Impact


For every dollar invested in Money Matters, $2.21 is created for adult learners, the children of learners, and the volunteer-tutors who help facilitate the sessions. Source: SROI Analysis, SiMPACT 2012




  • A free financial literacy program for adult learners
  • Written according to Clear Language and Design (CLAD) principles
  • Approachable, discussion-based activities
  • Adaptable according to the needs of your group
  • Delivered by your staff or with the help of TD Bank Group volunteer-tutors


The Materials


  • Training Guide for practitioners and volunteers
  • Workbook for learners
  • Feedback Booklet for learners


The Content


  • Unit 1 Budgeting: A place to start
  • Unit 2 Banking Basics
  • Unit 3 Credit and Borrowing
  • Unit 4 RESPs and other ways to save

The Reach


 250+ sessions run at 175+ organizations across 10 provinces and 2 territories. That’s almost 6,000 learners reached.


Who’s running Money Matters?


  • Libraries
  • First Nations
  • Seniors centres
  • ESL programs
  • Colleges & universities
  • Hospitals
  • Parenting programs
  • Employment centres
  • Health centres
  • High schools
  • Youth support programs
  • Disability support programs   
  • Workplaces
  • … and more!


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