Good Reads

Short books. Easy reading. Great Canadian authors.

About Good Reads

Good Reads® books are written by well-known Canadian authors for people improving their reading skills.

Good Reads are short books (10,000 to 12,000 words, about 100 pages), with easy to understand vocabulary and structure. Good Reads encourage reading practice, develop reading skills, and increase reading confidence.

Other readers such as busy people looking for a short read, older individuals and fans of the authors will also enjoy Good Reads.

Good Reads authors include:

  • Gail Anderson-Dargatz - The Stalker
  • Deborah Ellis - In From the Cold
  • Maureen Jennings - Shipwreck
  • Rabindranath Maharaj - The Picture of Nobody
  • Louise Penny - The Hangman
  • Gail Vaz-Oxlade - Easy Money
  • Marina Endicott - New Year’s Eve
  • Joy Fielding - Home Invasion
  • Robert Hough - The Day the Rebels Came to Town
  • Anthony Hyde - Picture This
  • Frances Itani - Missing

Where to find Good Reads

Literacy organizations, libraries and educational institutions can order Good Reads from Grass Roots Press.

Good Reads are also available in Chapters, Indigo, and other bookstores. HarperCollins Canada is the retail distributor.

Sample Page:

Good Reads is an initiative of ABC Life Literacy Canada and Grass Roots Press, with funding from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.


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Author Gail Anderson-Dargatz reads the first chapter of The Stalker. Watch more videos.