Family Literacy Day Event: Kedgwick Public Library

Kedgwick Public Library 116, Notre-Dame Street, Kedgwick (N.-B.) E8B 1H8
February 24 - 01 10:00 AM - 4:45 PM

The activity is for everyone older than 13 years old and it is called "Community Scattergories". It is a version of the game Scattergories. The game will be played individually and the participant may play 1 time per day. The participant rolls a dice 2 times - having a choice of 2 letters. He will select 1 letter and will receive a question card and a response card, He will have a time limit of 2 minutes to complete his game. 2 categories of price - one for the participation and the other one based upoon their score.

Language: French

Contact Information:

Kedgwick Public Library
New Brunswick
E8B 1H8
Kedgwick Public Library

Hosted by National Adult Literacy Database