Workplace Literacy and Learning Award

The Dr. Alan Middleton Workplace Literacy and Learning Award, presented by ABC Life Literacy Canada, recognizes an individual for their outstanding achievement in workplace literacy and essential skills in the Canadian workplace. 

Literacy and Learning, for the purposes of this award, are defined as any of the following essential skills identified by the Government of Canada: reading, writing, document use, numeracy, computer use, thinking, oral communication, working with others, and continuous learning.


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Award Criteria:

Winners can be individual employees, organization management including HR professionals and CEOs, union representatives and government representatives who have been directly involved in initiating, developing, implementing, establishing and or steering workplace literacy and essential skills training offered to employees in the workplace.

Eduardo Hilario

Plant Operations Manager, Kingsmill Foods Ltd., Toronto, ON

In his role as Plant Operations Manager, Eduardo is accountable for a wide range of operations, including implementation of training, plant facilities maintenance, safety program compliance, innovation projects management, plant budget and cost effectiveness and compliance to internal and external quality regulatory audits.
As such, Eduardo is instrumental in the training and development of all stakeholders responsible for plant operations especially the reduction of equipment changeover times, simplifying documentation processes, safety and performance management courses. In summer 2016 he spearheaded the implementation of a Manufacturing Essentials training program that focused on team-led projects to solve actual challenges on the manufacturing floor and included embedded essential skills training as part of the process. The project resulted in strengthened employee engagement, strong solutions-focused recommendations to management to solve identified challenges, and improved essential skills, such as working together, problem solving, and continuous learning.
Eduardo recognizes that training and the development of essential skills are critical to supporting formal process changes, driving LEAN enterprise and creating a winning business culture. In Eduardo’s experience strengthening employees’ essential skills has led to positive change, employee empowerment, capable self-managing teams, proactive quality assurance and error prevention.

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