Celebrating Margaret Eaton

Leadership and legacy for adult literacy

For more than six years, Margaret Eaton has inspired, innovated and enlivened the adult literacy cause as President of ABC Life Literacy Canada. Margaret will depart ABC on November 16, as she prepares for her exciting new role as Executive Director of the Toronto Regional Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC).

“On behalf of the Board, I thank Margaret for her tremendous contributions to ABC, and in so doing, to adult literacy in Canada,” said Bob Millar, ABC Board Chair.

Since 2006, Margaret has led ABC through great periods of growth.

“Margaret cultivated and maintained strategic partnerships and kept literacy front and centre. She has been an influential advocate and has shown great passion for the literacy cause,” said Jim Warrington, Vice-Chair of ABC Board, and Executive Director of National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS).

During her tenure, Margaret has led ABC’s transformation in new governance models, operations and strategic planning.

In 2010, she led the organization through a rebranding initiative, helping to shape the organization’s new name (to ABC Life Literacy Canada from ABC CANADA Literacy Foundation) and promote the concept of life literacy.

Margaret developed and nurtured a dynamic management team that will continue to lead the organization. Anthony Alfred will serve as Interim President and lead the ABC team as they continue to raise awareness of the importance of adult literacy in Canada.

“Margaret has left an indelible mark on ABC and the adult literacy cause,” said Alfred. “Our staff team proudly join many partners from across Canada who honour Margaret for her progressive leadership and inspiration.”

Please join us in wishing Margaret all the best in her new role at TRIEC!



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